Daniel Foerster. Coder. Coach. Educator.

Anchovy is a minimal, unopinionated file-processing framework intended for static website generation, but with unlimited potential.
Fairview is a static website template and fully-responsive theme built on top of Anchovy. It has been deployed at classycoopswi.com and www.d48.io, and includes modular blog, gallery, and contact form components.
Coregent is a toolkit for building games in Python, especially with Kivy, offering an advanced networking toolkit, animated sprites, bitmask collision detection, and more.
See my Resumé for more things I’ve built professionally, or go straight to my GitHub.
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I was really impressed with the ability for Daniel to respond to my needs with a gentle and patient approach. I was confused, depressed, and physically exhausted just from life, and Daniel overcame all of those barriers and performed outstanding.

Again, I can not say enough to express my gratitude to Daniel. He is a great communicator and good listener. I will always ask for Daniel when I need programming help.

Daniel is very responsible and flexible. We are glad to have him tutoring our daughter.

[Daniel] has a great understanding of code.

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